Nelson Service

Nelson offers rebuild and repair services on all Nelson Liquid Drive models, no matter the age or working condition of the drive. Nelson’s team of technicians and repair specialists comprehensively assess drives to determine the best course of action, ultimately restoring units to OEM specifications. Our guidelines suggest that all drives should be rebuilt every seven years and as such, Nelson manages maintenance programs with many of its customers to minimize downtime or disruption to their business.

Teardown and Inspection

Every drive received by Nelson goes through a rigorous teardown and inspection process to determine the extent of any rebuild or repair process. Inspection reports are thoroughly detailed highlighting parts in need of replacement and those that can be salvaged and reused. Our technicians take pictures of problematic areas and provide full commentary on their findings. Further, for older units we make customers aware of technical upgrades or design changes that will enhance the performance of their drives.

Specific teardown and inspection activities include:

  • Disassemble, clean and inspect the drive and accessories including the shaft coupling hubs
  • Visual and dimensional inspection of all critical components
  • If required, verification of instrumentation operation and operational integrity of other standard accessories

When possible, customers are provided multiple options for repair and rebuild to make every attempt to meet their financial and timeline considerations.

Repair, Replace, Reassemble and Test

Each rebuild project is undertaken by a skilled Nelson repair specialist that manages every aspect of the process until shipment back to the customer. These individuals have extensive knowledge of drive designs, application conditions, testing needs and performance requirements. All parts used in our rebuild program are built to our OEM specifications to ensure the highest quality fit and finish. 

Specific Mechanical Activities Include

  • Replace all bearings and seals, damaged machined components and any piping
  • Rigorously testing for dimensional accuracy and balance rotating elements
  • Replacement of instrumentation as needed with all electrical equipment meeting CSA standards
  • Paint – standard enamel paint system for non-corrosive environments for all NLD manufactured equipment and mounted commercial accessories
  • Un-mounted commercial accessories will be furnished with Nelson’s standard
  • Finish for non-corrosive environments
  • Shrink wrapped for corrosion protection and boxed for long-term storage and shipping

Contained in any shipment is the inspection report, drive test certificate and the vibration test report. Lastly, all Nelson products and rebuild services are warranted for a period of one (1) year in operation or eighteen (18) months from shipment from its plant, whichever occurs first, against defective material and/or workmanship.